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Chellaston Fields rated “Good” in first ever Ofsted inspection

The primary school, which opened in 2019, received a rating of “Good” across all categories after its October inspection.

After its first ever Ofsted inspection, Chellaston Fields Spencer Academy was rated “Good” across all five categories.

The report opens with a warm acknowledgement of the school’s culture and “inclusive ethos”, stating, “Pupils are accepting and kind. They show respect and good manners. Pupils celebrate differences and enjoy learning about cultures that are different to their own.”

Inspectors praised the school’s “GROW” curriculum as “well-planned” and encompassing of both national curriculum and broader opportunities for development. “The school’s curriculum identifies the exact knowledge that pupils must know. It sets out how this knowledge will support future learning. There is a clear framework that sets out how teachers should check that pupils are learning the intended knowledge.”

In particular, the report highlights the school’s “clear ambition for pupils with SEND to achieve as well as they can”, recognising the “effective procedures to identify emerging needs”, and its development of reading skills: “Staff are experts in teaching early reading. . . Pupils develop a love for reading. They talk enthusiastically about books that they have read in class”.

Inspectors were overall impressed with Chellaston Fields Spencer Academy’s well-organised curriculum, unique learning opportunities and positive community. The report cites talks from Rolls-Royce engineers and a food drive for a local shelter as ways that the school “is developing pupils to be active citizens”. It also acknowledges the “calm and orderly” environment, stating, “Pupils know to be ready respectful and safe. Staff follow a consistent approach to support pupils to self-regulate.”

Executive Principal Lindsay Trail said, “We are delighted to see the hard work that has been undertaken since our school opened is reflected in this report. Our incredible team have built a strong foundation for children to learn and thrive. The report is a glowing reflection both of what we have accomplished so far and what we aim to achieve as we continue to GROW.”

Director of Primary Education Angela O’Brien, OBE said, “Lindsay and her team at Chellaston Fields Spencer Academy have built a thriving community, and it’s wonderful to see this acknowledged by Ofsted inspectors. The report is welcome encouragement on our ongoing journey and is well deserved.”