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Sunnyside Spencer Academy receives Pupil Power Prize from Energy Sparks

The Eco Club earned the award for their level of participation in the Eco Sparks programme. Sunnyside Spencer Academy was awarded the Fall 2023 Pupil Power Prize from Energy Sparks, a programme that supports schools in better monitoring their energy usage with the goal of reducing carbon emissions.

The award was earned by the after-school Eco Club, which boasts 25 members between Years 1 and 6, for their exceptional participation throughout the fall term. The eco team use the Energy Sparks programme to identify ways to save water, use less energy and look after the school grounds, create action plans and lead their peers in projects and jobs.

“We have been using the Energy Sparks programme and we love it as it really gives the children the ability to investigate and inform around the school,” said Cannisha Busuttil, who runs the Eco Club.

The club also participate in a termly community litter pick and work with local companies and organisations to look after their neighbourhood. Broxtowe Borough, for example, will be participating in the next litter pick.

The Pupil Power Prize comes with a cash prize to help support a conservation endeavour of the school’s choice. Mrs Busuttil plans to use it to set up an outdoor produce garden for children at Sunnyside to look after—“Kind of a Sunnyside Spencer Academy food to fork,” she explained. She is hoping to get the wider community involved, as well.